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Halloween is celebrated every year on 31 October. On the day of this event, people wear scary costumes and also decorate their homes with scary furnishings. Friends, today in this article we have brought a collection of some wonderful, best, and attractive Happy Halloween Images, Pictures, and Photos of Halloween 2021. We hope you like this collection.

Happy Halloween Images 2021

Halloween is the main festival of Christians which is mainly celebrated in America, England, and European countries. But this festival has originated in Ireland and Scotland. Halloween is also known as All Hallows Evening, All Halloween, All Hallows Eve, and All Saints Eve. This day is the last day of the Celtic calendar. Therefore, among the Celtic people, it is celebrated as the beginning of the new year.

When is Halloween Day in 2021? (Halloween Day 2021 Date)

Halloween Day is celebrated every year on the last day of the month of October. This year in 2021, Halloween Day will be celebrated on 31 October 2021, Sunday.

How Did Halloween start?

There are many beliefs behind celebrating Halloween. In fact, Halloween started a long time ago. During the harvest season, farmers believed that evil spirits could come to the earth and damage their crops. Therefore, to scare them away, they themselves wear scary costumes. But in the modern era, the festival of Halloween has become a great way to have fun and celebrate the holiday. Gradually the popularity of this festival is increasing a lot. In today’s time, this festival is celebrated not only in western countries but in all countries.

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Happy Halloween Images 2021
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How is Halloween celebrated?

On Halloween, people wear scary costumes and go to people’s homes to get candy, which is called trick or treats. According to Irish folklore, it is customary to make jack-o’-lanterns on Halloween. People make eyes, noses, and mouths in a hollow pumpkin and place candles inside. After that, it is deposited and buried.

In many places, people party and play various games on the day of Halloween Day. The most played game on this day is dunking or apple bobbing which is called dunking in Scotland. In this, the apple is floated in a tub or large basin of water and then the participants have to remove it with their teeth.

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Halloween celebration

Happy Halloween Pictures 2021 Download

Halloween is one of the most famous events in the world. On this festival people remember the dead Hallows and Martyrs, light candles at graves, go to church and send scary Halloween pictures to their friends and loved ones. People also do interesting activities during the Halloween festival like telling scary stories, visiting haunted places, carving scary faces on pumpkins, decorating houses with scary objects, etc. If you can’t meet your loved ones on this festive day then you can make them feel special by sending Happy Halloween 2021 pictures or scary Halloween pictures.

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Happy Halloween Pictures

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